Before Barbara Viteri’s first show project, Designerlebrity™ Talk turned her into the design industry’s household name, Barbara rose to fame amongst the interior design world through her management style as a renowned business leader, a modernizer of speaking engagements and introduce the public to her exclusive brand, Designerlebrity™ via her award winning blog.

As Barbara’s brand and demand of management services escalated so did her business. What was once a one-woman show has grown into a fully operational firm under the signature company Viteri Style Management™. Supported by a team of highly trained assistants and trade resource partners, Barbara oversees both VSM and Designerlebrity™ impressionable vision.

In 2014, Barbara seized the opportunity to launch Designerlebrity™. Drawn to the idea of creating a pop culture of sorts for celebrity interior designers she pursued the development of online shows. Her very first concept to create a talk show featuring celebrity interior designers and interview them like Hollywood celebrities was picked up immediately by The Design Network. Designerlebrity™ Talk with Barbara Viteri made its debut Fall of 2014.

Barbara recently became the contributing interior design editor for FORBES recognized magazine, The Typical Female (2015), an inspirational lifestyle online publication for modern woman. Overseeing all interior design article submissions and conducting celebrity interior designer interviews under the appropriate moniker, Designerlebrity™. The collaboration is being labeled as taking on a respectful style of "The Hollywood Reporter" for the interior design industry.



Exclusive Episode of Designerlebrity™ Talk 

Designerlebrity™ Talk Promo



"Barbara, thanks so much for choosing me to launch your new show, Designerlebrity Talk, focusing upon interior designers with star appeal. You’ve been such fun to get to know, and your professionalism and super production team made the taping flawless. Our personalities are simpatico, and from what we see on twitter, your viewers seem to enjoy our naughty banter back & forth! I wish you great success with this series, and all your future endeavors and hope to have the pleasure of working with you again soon." - Keith Baltimore, Principal and Interior Designer at Baltimore Design Center

"In the most simple of terms, Barbara Viteri is a force to be reckoned with. In her self-deprecating way, she may deny the impact she has had on the interior design industry in such a short time, but trust me when I say that Barbara is a mover and a shaker, and not just when she is doing Zumba! Barbara’s sense of humor and no-nonsense manner make her the type of person others sit up and listen to. And it is because of this that Barbara is someone you want to have in your corner. She is a cheerleader for up-and-coming designers, as well as a staunch supporter of those more firmly rooted in the business. Whether she is providing funny anecdotes from her own home renovation, espousing words of encouragement and motivation by quoting “The Rock”, or letting everyone know about new things that are happening in our industry, Barbara has a voice and she isn’t afraid to use it. I for one always love to hear what she has to say."- Jennifer Flanders, Principal and Interior Designer at Jennifer Flanders Inc.

"I had a blast with the host, Barbara Viteri. She loves design and has coined the phrase Designerlebrity; I am proud to be included in her first season. Congratulations Barbara on creating this amazing platform. It’s like‪ Wendy Williams+Bravo Clubhouse with design chat! Bottoms up!” I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!" - Michel Boyd, Principal and Interior Designer at SmithBoyd Interiors

"It was a thrill to be with someone who shares our passion for design. While entertaining and so much fun, Barbara’s show (Designerlebrity Talk) will be a great public service that provides more points of view about the multifaceted design world. She’s a wonderful host." - David Carpenter of Decor by Guillaume Gentet

"So great! I love it! Barbara Viteri’s show, Designerlebrity is such a fun platform to talk about design. We had a great time filming!” - Amanda Nisbet, Principal and Interior Designer at Amanda Nisbet Design

The online show garnered the attention of other major television networks and industry sponsors to now be developed into a multi-show platform under the private brand label, Designerlebrity™. A new website is currently in development with announcements of upcoming shows and features later this year.