Growing your business begins with a strong foundation. Proper business systems and easy to follow operating procedures allow you to navigate your day to day business affairs. Utilizing an online management tool like Design Manager will centralize your project management and accounting systems, providing you with the ability to remotely access them anytime; day or night.

We offer you support and training on the conversion process and can have you up and running after a few strategic meetings. You can take comfort in knowing you have a system you can depend on to give you up-to-the-minute detailed reports of where you are with all your projects and manage your business virtually from any mobile device.

Barbara Viteri has expanded her business management services by offering her design clients private consultations. These are not your typical coaching sessions. Being a non-competitor (not an interior designer) she shares her unfiltered advice and opinions on building a successful business base on facts and not emotion. Her unique approach helps her clients learn to think more like a business leader that can trust their instincts and make executive decisions like the professionals in their field.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our testimonials.



Transitioning from your old operating system to a new cloud base operating system is easy with our handholding services. We will attentively guide you through the process of:

  • Styling your software to meet your company’s specific level of operations.
  • Consolidate and upload your client and vendor lists to an organized address book.
  • Reestablish your current work-in-process projects to produce customized proposals, orders, and invoices.
  • Generate project management and expediting reports for optimum efficiency.
  • Establish daily procedures and basic accounting systems with our best bookkeeping practices.
  • Maintain a clean software system with our infamous “Fab-5 Reports”.
  • Formulate time management tools that help you tackle that daily “to do” list and link them to your company’s calendar.
  • Track item status with our cultivated status reports.
  • Link your software to Design Manager's Cloud Space and have a one-stop-shop to run your entire company remotely. Basically, have the option to manage your empire from your cell phone.  


There are so many features Design Manager offers which can impose a culture shock and loss of valuable time. We like to keep training simple. Your business is like a fingerprint, unique to you and not the same as others. Our training sessions consists of:

-Learning precise functions to maintain and redefine your Design Manager in areas of:

  • Project Management
    • Items and Components
    • Proposals, Purchase Orders and Invoices
    • Budgets
    • Reports
  • Activity Management
    • Contacts and Addresses
    • Tasks and Appointments
    • Time Billing
    • Reports
  • Accounting
    • Deposits and Retainers
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Reconciliations  
    • Reports
  • Inventory Management 
    • Stock Items with Pictures
    • Quantities and Transfers
    • Multiple Warehouse Locations
    • Reports

-Cloud Manager- File management and app sharing which includes full version of Microsoft Office™ Suite- Microsoft Outlook, Word,      Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, and OneNote, plus 35 GB per user file storage.


It’s about to get real! If you suffer from Bookkeeping Paralysis, you either learn how to do your books yourself or hire a pro. You are not a business if you don't understand your numbers. Keeping your books tight and right to the penny is essential in running a successful design firm. We don’t take any shortcuts when training you or your team members on how to do the company’s bookkeeping. We demonstrate how to:

-Setup and default your chart of accounts that categorizes the information needed on your:

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Charts
  • Twelve Month Income Comparison Report
  • General Ledger
  • CPA Filings

-Built-in Sales Tax Codes

-Time Billing Activities with Automatic Rate Records.

-Employee Set-Up to include:

  • Time Billing Rates
  • Payroll Breakdown

-Entries and Postings

  • Applied Payments to Proposals, Orders and Invoices
  • Applied Payments to Expenses
  • Journal Entries
  • Opening Statement Balances

-Reconciliation (To the penny is how we roll.)

  • Bank Statements
  • Credit Card Statements
  • PayPal Accounts
  • Petty Cash
  • Misc. Statement Accounts

-Update your Bookkeeping with Our Fab-5 Reports

  • Aged Account Receivable Report
  • Age Account Payable Report
  • Open Client Deposits Report
  • Open Vendor Deposits Report
  • Work in Process Report

*Barbara Viteri personally takes on a selective number of clients each month and keeps a waiting list on hand. Once her clients, office managers, team members or company’s bookkeeper is fully trained in her bookkeeping methods will she take on new prospects.


Want a private consult with Barbara? Have questions that need mentorship style answers and not coaching style sessions? Can you handle straight-up advice and unfiltered opinions? Then request a meeting. Many of our clients keep Barbara on retainer for advice on:

  • How to Get Published
  • Tackling Social Media
  • Brand Building
  • Employee Hire
  • Trusting Your Instincts
  • Public Speaking Preparedness
  • All things that pertain to business and not personal. 

Request a Private Consult with Barbara