Barbara Viteri has spoken and created some of the most highly attended speaking events in the design industry. Known to be an engaging personality and selective about her panel discussions, Barbara is sure to entertain and educate.


Building a breakthrough brand

April 2016 | IDS National Conference, Dallas , TX

Real Talk with Million Dollar Contractor, Steve Fanuka

October 2015 | IDS Long Island Design Show, Bethpage, NY 

Viteri In Your Business

February 2015 | Interior Design Society, Woodbury, NY

Design Your Hustle

May 2014 | Robert Allen, New York, NY

Don’t Hate The Players, Change The Game

October 2013 | Robert Allen, New York, NY

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“I’ve had the opportunity of hearing her speak as a featured presenter and moderator at prominent industry events, and when Barbara speaks everyone sits up and pays attention.” –Sarah Sarna, Founder of Live The Life Your Dream About

“Barbara Viteri is someone to watch! She is truly going places.” -SUCCESS Magazine

“She’s able to help designers take their business to the next level while allowing their focus to remain on what’s truly important to them design.” - Rue Magazine

“She is smart, bold, quick-witted and does not mind being underestimated. She shoots straight from the hip during all her speaking events. It’s very refreshing!” -RISE Magazine

“Viteri is the design industry’s best kept secret.” -W2W Magazine

“Her straight talk, unfiltered opinions and hilarious personality has clients and even competitors, wanting her unique style of management advice.” – Mod City Magazine

“A true hustler, she’s got some great insights and takeaways that any creative professional can take to heart towards their journey to success.” – Anthem Salgado, CEO of Art of Hustle

“She pushes the envelope a bit to get people to talk about things that they would not be comfortable talking about in a lot of settings.” – Deborah Martin, Principal at Deborah Martin Designs

“Barbara’s sense of humor and no-nonsense manner make her the type of person others sit up and listen to.” –Jennifer Flanders, Principal at Jennifer Flanders Inc.

 “She’s super inspiring and has a gift for small business management and design knowhow.” -Sheila Butler, Founder of Grow Your Business Podcasts

"Barbara possesses an amiable quality that allows her to connect with the interviewee and the audience in a way that seems as though you’re in a room full of friends. She’s very quick witted and kept the audience and Steve engaged and laughing from start to finish."-Snoa Garrigan, Executive Director Interior Design Society