Barbara Viteri with Million Dollar Contractor, Steve Fanuka

This year, the Interior Design Society, Long Island Chapter sought out the help of Barbara Viteri for our annual Design Show. This was our 3rd Design Show and this year we wanted to raise the bar and give the attending designers not just a CEU and networking experience with vendors, but wanted to add a celebrity draw. Barbara did not disappoint. She was able to obtain Stephen Fanuka, The Million Dollar Contractor” for our show. Barbara delivered a very entertaining show in which she interviewed Steve in her signature style, which resulted in a very honest, informative, and fun production. Our audience loved the show saying it was one of the best events they have ever attended. Barbara’s assistance started way before the show; she attended our meetings, offered experienced ideas and press connections and assisted in any area that she felt would add to the show’s success. Without question, Barbara raised the bar on our design show and we would not hesitate to use her skills in any of our future events.
— IDS of Long Island Board Members

Barbara made me feel as if I have what it takes to take on the world and every time I spoke to her, a ton of positive energy bounced from her onto me. She is like a magnet for beauty, authenticity, and success.

— Nicky Higgins, Editor-in-Chief of The Typical Female Magazine

It has been a pleasure working with Barbara Viteri, of Viteri Style Management! Her no holds barred approach to Interior Design is refreshing and at times delightful with her humorous yet straight forward approach to business. Viteri Style Management brings a broad approach of expertise to the Interior Design Community and a calming resolved voice to those everyday questions. Thank you Barbara for your streamlined guidance that in turn has brought BELLISSIMO DECOR great success!
— Kristen Phillips, Principal and Interior Designer at Bellissimo Decor.

I want you to know that I have been following you and your amazing work constantly on social media. It truly warms my heart to see you succeeding in your new venture! You are absolutely amazing! You are honestly one of the most warmhearted, charismatic and wonderful people I have ever known. I know hands down that you will continue to kick some serious butt in the Design Industry! Congratulations over and over again on your many new successes and achievements! You are an inspiration!
— Diane Kwon, Principal and Interior Designer at Coco Lucca

If you know me, Then you know how much I LOVE this woman! She has truly been an asset to Nile Johnson Interior Design with all of her industry knowledge, and no-nonsense yet practical approach to managing your business...She’s also a great person I can call, when I’m feeling sorry for myself, that won’t sugar coat anything, and will tell me EXACTLY how it is! So...I was extremely happy to hear about this news! Congrats to Barbara Viteri of Viteri Style Management, LLC on her new ‘Designerlebrity (TM) Talk’ Show!
— Nile Johnson, Principal and Interior Designer at Nile Johnson Interior Design

My business is now two years old and I can tell you, without an ounce of doubt, if I had hired Barbara from Day One, I would have gotten a lot more sleep and a few less ulcers! Barbara has been amazing at helping me regain control of my business by training me, and my staff, how to be more efficient and effective with our software and our business practices.

I’ve also leaned on Barbara to help me in the transition from being a Designer to being a BOSS. It’s been tough having to learn to grow up, but she’s helped me see how the lack of direction at my company wasn’t benefiting anyone! With me being a Yankee in Southern territory, Barbara’s no-nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air. She never holds back from telling me exactly how she see’s a situation and that is fantastic! It gets me immediately motivated toward results.

I’m looking forward to working with her in the future to continue the growth of my business. I plan to consult Barbara as I set future goals for my company. Barbara is a fabulous sounding board for almost any situation, as she has been in the industry in so many different capacities. Truly, working with Viteri Style Management has improved my business and my quality of life!
— Catherine G. Hersacher, MA. LEED AP Principal and Interior Designer at Bespoke Fine Interiors

I would like to give Barbara my highest and most enthusiastic endorsement. She brought organization to the mayhem of what my paperwork used to be. In what seemed like the twinkling of an eye, she set up and taught me how to use the Cloud Office platform and how to utilize it; so all data can be filed, stored and managed effortlessly. This limited the amount of paperwork I carry with me, the time and aggravation that every-day tasks used to cost me previously. Billing was one of my biggest nightmares. Not anymore. Barbara’s wealth of experience and extremely professional and upbeat attitude made the task seem like a breeze and, for the first time, I feel relaxed and not overwhelmed. I loved working with Barbara. She was always available when I hit a roadblock. I liked her straightforward approach and passion, her advice and the ability to listen. You just want to have Barbara on your team, as she will be sure to get the job completed with exceptional diligence and efficiency
— Aneta Adaszewska, Interior Designer at Michele Green Design

Working with Barbara has been a blast and looking forward to round two! She truly helped me jump start my bookkeeping to the point where I can now use a program that I once thought I’d never learn. With her easy system and go getter attitude, she taught me how to stay on schedule and manage my business finances in a way that set me up for success to run a profitable business!
— Monique Duarte, Principal and Interior Designer, Duarte Interior Decorating

As an interior designer for over 15 years I’ve come to learn how hard it is to find someone knowledgeable, passionate and effective in the business of design. What makes Barbara stand apart from her competitors is her no nonsense approach to getting to the heart of the matter. She will give you the tools necessary to plan, organize and run a profitable design business like you never imagined possible. And she actually gets excited about the logistics of it all, something few designers can relate too. The positives that come from working with Barbara are endless and I am so lucky to have worked with her and shared ideas with her to make my business better.
— Amanda Gates, Principal and Interior Designer, Gates Interior Design

When I made the decision to hire Barbara Viteri in February of 2013, I did not realize that I’d be making the best move for myself...professionally & personally. Barbara is assertive, & has a no-nonsense approach that has helped me re-build my business & morale. You see, before I signed on with Barbara, I (like many other industry professionals) was letting my business run me instead of the latter. I was sinking. And, fast. Barbara not only has kept me afloat...she has strategically & compassionately showed me the way off of this vicious merry-go-round that was leading me back to the same budgetary confinements & professional heartbreaks that constantly plague the world of Interior Design. What can I say? Barbara is a game changer. Or, in my case, a life changer! With her superior guidance, progressive business practices, wealth of industry knowledge & refreshing candor, I was freed from the monotonous & shown true success. She has made me tougher & wiser, & within a mere 14 months I am experiencing a success unparalleled to anything I’ve ever encountered.
— Kristen McCory, Principal and Interior Designer, McCory Interiors

In the most simple of terms, Barbara Viteri is a force to be reckoned with. In her self-deprecating way, she may deny the impact she has had on the interior design industry in such a short time, but trust me when I say that Barbara is a mover and a shaker, and not just when she is doing Zumba! Barbara’s sense of humor and no-nonsense manner make her the type of person others sit up and listen to. And it is because of this that Barbara is someone you want to have in your corner. She is a cheerleader for up-and-coming designers, as well as a staunch supporter of those more firmly rooted in the business. Whether she is providing funny anecdotes from her own home renovation, espousing words of encouragement and motivation by quoting “The Rock”, or letting everyone know about new things that are happening in our industry, Barbara has a voice and she isn’t afraid to use it. I for one always love to hear what she has to say.
— Jennifer Flanders, Principal and Interior Designer, Jennifer Flanders Inc.

Barbara’s assistance in helping me grow Karen Chien Inc. is the #1 reason why I am able to take my interior design business to the next level. Before I met Barbara, I found myself spending endless time and money working on getting the accounting side of my interior design business organized. Barbara jumped in and transitioned our accounting onto a software program that is tailored to the needs of the company. Her extensive knowledge of various different software programs has played a key role in helping me organize my business to ensure efficiency, profitability and success. As a result, I am able to spend more time working on design and less time on accounting. We are able to easily manage the accounting side of the business freeing us up to do more creative work. Thank you Barbara for giving me my life back!
— Karen Chien, Principal and Interior Designer, Karen Chien Inc.

I’ve found Barbara Viteri to be a great resource for reliable professional guidance. Forever the optimist, Barbara always administers her advice with liberal doses of unadulterated humor and candor. She is very knowledgeable of our industry’s needs and as a champion for interior designers she’s dedicated to steering them towards success—especially in these troubled economic times. Barbara is intuitive and she’s not only a hearer, but also a great listener—and there’s a distinct difference: she has the ability to understand not only what you’ve cited as a challenge, but also what has *not* been said. She possesses a remarkable skill of drawing you out with thoughtful questions and feedback to help you get to the root of problems facing designers in business today. I’ve been thrilled to see her star rise and our design firm has enjoyed working with her.
— Corey Damen Jenkins, Principal and Interior Designer, Design With Vision

Barbara has been integral in guiding my business through a period of growth and transition, from getting my books in order and setting up standards for the bookkeeping side of my business to helping me grow and train my team in the most productive way possible. She is extremely professional, responsive and organized. Her many years in the industry gives her the knowledge and tools to help designers become better managers of their own businesses on their own. And her sharp sense of humor keeps me laughing when I need it most!
— Lucy Harris, Principal and Interior Designer, Lucy Harris Studio

One of the smartest decisions I made for my interior design business was to work with Viteri Style Management to implement some easy-to-use but innovative software that is now allowing us to streamline our process. Barbara Viteri’s enthusiasm and skilled knowledge of how design firms operate and how great computer programs can aid in efficiency and profitability was invaluable. She fine-tuned the program just for my company and what would be most effective for the way WE work. I also really loved the fact that she got our team at Libby Interiors Inc. up and running quickly and her goal all along was to teach them the fundamentals to get them where they could be self-sufficient. Barbara is amazing at what she does and I’m so thrilled and thankful that we worked with her!
— Libby Langdon, Interior Designer, Author and TV Makeover Personality, Libby Interiors Inc.

I cannot begin to describe how much more streamlined and efficient the business side of my design business became once I started working with Barbara. I used to dread preparing invoices every month and now it’s a breeze, thanks to her. I’ve gotten hours out of my life back with the time I am saving due to Barbara’s help. I feel that I can finally concentrate on the creative side of my business now that Barbara has organized the numbers and paperwork associated with my business. Barbara makes sure everything matches to the penny and it always does. She is very responsive and is always available to help with any problem that arises. She is incredibly supportive and after working with her only a few short months, I honestly wonder how I survived so many years without her!
— Michele Green, Principal, Michele Green Design and Owner of The Open House